60 Days Of Prep

Prep Life

A Day To Day Journey

This 60 day diary details everything I ate and my thoughts each day

I hope it shows how to Prep in a healthy manner

You don’t have to lock yourself in a cupboard and eat boring food the entire time

You don’t have to do fasted cardio or cut out all carbs

You don’t have to forgo your entire social life

You don’t have to develop a disordered relationship with food and body image

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A Clients Guide To Success

For me the real value of what I have learned so far is to be able to get an overview of how losing weight and getting into shape works. I found that trying to find this out on my own only confused me. Every article you read suggests a new different approach. Virtually none of them tell you about the fundamentals. And - reassuringly - they are not complicated:

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The 12 Days Of Fitness

What terrible superpower would you like to have? (e.g. you can fly, but only 2 inches above the ground)      

Haha I don't know!! Why would you want a terrible superpower?! To be able to read people's minds... but hearing it in another language..? Maybe? Might make me do something about wanting to learn Spanish. - I.P.

Understand a trump speech - D.J.

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