Tracking Your Intake Is Critical To Weight Loss

My aim here is a to create a series of articles addressing common problems encountered while trying to get into great shape.

By no means are these the only options and you will certainly need resolve to see yourself through to your goal. However that doesn't mean we should make it any harder on ourselves than we have to.

So here we go:

Problem = Struggling to lose weight. 

Solution = Track your calorie intake using MyFitnessPal. This study found that stringent monitors of food intake consistently lost more weight than those who estimated their intake.(1) You can see below that amongst the people who were inconsistent with their monitoring, even their best weeks were not as successful as the consistent monitors' worst weeks! When people have to estimate their caloric intake they seem to be pretty ineffective at gauging or reporting the volume consumed.(2)(3).

I cannot therefore suggest a more effective way of guaranteeing weight loss than to track your intake. It allows us so much specificity than any other method. And for the extra bit of effort required to do it (really not that much once you're in the swing of things) the rewards can be huge.

I also feel the need to point this out; if you are currently using cardio or exercise as a fat loss tool because they burn calories, but you do not know your caloric intake, how can you know how many calories you need to burn with exercise to guarantee weight loss?

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