The 12 Days Of Fitness

It's that time of year where we indulge and look back on the year that's just been. 

And for the good people who work within the fitness industry, things are no different.

I wanted to put together something from a small bunch of great guys and girls from all walks of the Online Fitness community, from Strength Coach to Influencer and everything in between.

So without further ado, lining up to take part for you reading pleasure are:

Dan John   Legendary strength coach  and all round hero

Dan John
Legendary strength coach and all round hero

Dell Farrell -   Because Glutes   Fitness writer , supacore athlete and dog mom.

Dell Farrell - Because Glutes
Fitness writer, supacore athlete and dog mom.

Ben Carpenter   PEScience  Sales and marketing director

Ben Carpenter
PEScience Sales and marketing director

What is your favourite fitness or non-fitness related memory from 2017?

My niece, Phoebe,was born in November! Absolute highlight of the year! - I.P.

Snorkeling in the Caribbean. - D.J.

My favourite memory of 2017 is winning 3 Gold Medals at the IFBB National Championships and becoming an Australian National Bikini Champion! A goal I have worked towards for a long time! - M.C.

Watching my older brother getting married. Seeing the expression on his face when his bride to be started walking down the aisle was a moment I don’t think I will ever forget. You always hope you siblings will find happiness and when I saw that I knew he had found it. - B.C.

My favorite and most memorable moments from 2017 are the emails I have gotten throughout the year from online clients saying how much of an impact  I have had on their life. To me there is nothing more important than that - D.F.

Speaking at an event in NYC. (Non-fitness.) - M.S.

What piece of advice would you give to yourself a year ago?      

Look after yourself and be kind to yourself. This year will go realllyyyy fast so make sure you don't waste your energy in the wrong places. - I.P.

“This too shall pass” - D.J.

It would be to never doubt your abilities to achieve something. Self doubt only kills your dreams! - M.C.

Listen Ben, there is this weird thing called Bitcoin that you should throw a few quid at. Nobody knows what will happen longer term but if you leave it in there and cash it out at Christmas you should be fucking laughing. - B.C.

It’s not a race, sometime slower is better - D.F.

Learn to say ‘no’ more - M.S.

What is your favourite Christmas indulgence? And how long do you indulge for?      

It has to be the Christmas dinner, surely?! I normally relax around the holiday season unless I am prepping for a show, in which case I'd just take the day to relax a little and then get back on plan. If I'm not prepping though, I really eat what I want for as long as I want to eat it! - I.P.

We don’t really do anything too crazy or different. Certainly, on our Christmas Adam party (the day before Christmas Eve), we all certainly drink and laugh, but it isn’t really over the top. - D.J.

I have a bit of a sweet tooth and have a childhood memory of the Christmas table being laid out with lollies like mint leaves and chocolate bullets (which are my favourites). I like to keep that tradition going!  - M.C.

Mince pies, brandy butter and cream. I tend to indulge a lot on Christmas day and stop when it feels like my stomach is going to explode or I lose the will to live (whichever comes first). I only have a couple of days of this and then just get back into my usual routine - B.C.

Here in Australia we always have a big seafood lunch for our hot summer Christmas. I love bugs plus a glass of champagne. I really just fit everything into my goals and never feel the need to over indulge as if I want something any time of year I just have it. There is no on or off dieting season for me anymore - D.F.

Pate and cheese. Until it’s finished - M.S.

When setting New Years resolutions, what advice would you give to someone?      

I did a post on this the other day! Make it realistic, Make it measurable, Be consistent, Ask for help when you need it, and don't beat yourself up if or when you fall off the wagon. - I.P.

Don’t do it! If you do, make it so comically small that you get momentum on true life changes. I argue that you should take the whole year to lose ONE pound (.5 kilo). That comes out to a net of nine less calories a day. Laugh at it…then weigh yourself next January 1 and tell me how crazy it is. - D.J.

Dream big, your goals should excite you and even scare you a little. If it makes you nervous then you’re probably aiming for the right thing. - M.C.

Write them down and put them somewhere you will see them every day. The first time I ever did this I wrote them all out on a piece of paper, included deadlines and stuck it on the wall in my bedroom where I used to get ready so I would stand in front of it and read it every day. The impact it had on my motivation was profound. - B.C.

Use small habit based stepping stone goals rather than end goals like reaching a certain weight or physique. Enjoying the process means focusing on the small daily wins that add up to something huge - D.F.

Start before the new year - M.S.

What does your ideal day look like?      

Waking up healthy, going to the gym, going for a nice brunch some where, then taking my dog Neville for a nice long walk, going home and having a hot bubble bath and then a night out with cocktails and friends - I.P.

As it is now: wake up at 6, coffee (made the night before), emails and work. Write until 9, shower and get ready to train. After training, off to brunch…usually a veggie omelette. Afternoons: errands, the dog, cooking, reading. Dinner with wife. Live, Laugh, Love. - D.J.

A sleep in till about 7am, a walk along the beach, breakfast with an ocean view, a day spent with my family at the beach surfing waves. Several good coffees must be consumed and finish the day photographing an amazing colourful sunset. Maybe a movie on the projector to finish up! - M.C.

I am a man of routine so my days inevitably start with some form of exercise. It is basically the only non-negotiable aspect of my day. After that I have breakfast and start working. My ideal day would start with a workout and finish with me sitting in the sun having drinks with friends. - B.C.

Waking up and walking my husky, helping all my online clients, a heavy training session, spending time relaxing with my partner and finishing the day with netflix & pizza. I’m pretty simple and don’t need much to make myself happy :) - D.F.

In a coffee shop by 6am to work. Work through ‘til 12. Long lunch, then train. Work again from 4-7, then a meal out or cinema - M.S.

What terrible superpower would you like to have? (e.g. you can fly, but only 2 inches above the ground)      

Haha I don't know!! Why would you want a terrible superpower?! To be able to read people's minds... but hearing it in another language..? Maybe? Might make me do something about wanting to learn Spanish. - I.P.

Understand a trump speech - D.J.

That’s a tricky one! I would like x-ray vision but it only picks out bubble butts haha! - M.C.

Flying two inches off the ground sounds pretty awesome as long as I travel at decent speed. If it is at walking pace then it probably doesn’t benefit me at all other than eliminating the need to walk which probably isn’t ideal for my already subpar calf development. - B.C.

Mind control like the bad dude on Jessica Jones - but I can only use it to make people dance like a chicken - D.F.

To be able to give at least 3 synonyms for any word - M.S.

Where is your favourite place in the world? Why?       

Home. I know its cheesy, but I love my friends and family so much. Being near them gives me happiness. - I.P.

Galway, Ireland. The people! - D.J.

I haven’t travelled very much but Hawaii holds a special place in my heart because of the amazing scenery, warm water and interesting culture. - M.C.

In terms of places to visit, it would be Ibiza. It is nice to have a few days of uninterrupted hedonism every so often. As we grow older me and my friends spend less and less time together so like to schedule a few days away every year for some bromance. - B.C.

Gold Coast Australia aka home. I’ve travelled extensively for pretty much my whole life. This made me appreciate how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place. We really have everything going for us here! - D.F.

NYC. Busy, but still welcoming - M.S.

What film title best describes your life?      

Jackass - I.P.

Singing in the Rain - D.J.

Transformers - M.C.

The Pursuit of Happiness - B.C.

I took a quiz and it said legally blonde 😋  - D.F.

Much ado about nothing - M.S.

If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?      

Regina Philangie. (If you watch 'Friends' - you'll know) - I.P.

Well, my Confirmation name is “David,” so I think that. - D.J.

Leilani! I have always loved Hawaiian names. - M.C.

My full name is Benjamin David Cokayne Carpenter. When I tell people my full name they never believe me (they don’t realise it is spelled differently when I tell them) when I say my middle name is Cokayne. When I was a child I remember being really embarrassed about it so it was something I wanted to change. Nowadays it is more of a fun conversation piece - B.C.

I don’t think I could be anyone but Dell - D.F.

Staul Pandell - M.S.

What is your least favourite exercise?      

Anything that involves jumping. I am really not made to do that. - I.P.

Back Squats - D.J.

Anything that involves a calf raise - M.C.

LISS. I find it so fucking boring. Even as a child I used to love sprinting but hated anything where I had to strategically pace myself. The idea of sitting on a bike for an hour (in the gym, not cycling around a nice city or something like that) is about as appealing to me as dragging my naked body through a field of broken glass and then taking a bath in hot sauce - B.C.

Burpees. I never do them and I would never program them for any client because I don’t see the point in making exercise suck - D.F.

Front squats - M.S.

What was the last thing that made you cry?       

For the last half of this year I've been having mysterious and undiagnosed tummy pains. I think I have some kind of intolerance or digestive problem but the pain is agonising when it flares up. That makes me cry. - I.P.

Joe Biden consoling Senator McCain’s daughter. - D.J.

Watching a video on caged chickens and the suffering they endure throughout their short lives. Animal cruelty breaks my heart. - M.C.

My girlfriend found a funny Christmas outfit she bought our dog last year. Unfortunately we lost her a few months ago so this will be the first Christmas she won’t be around to share with us. - B.C.

I adopted a kitten that had been abandoned on the weekend and i cried because I couldn’t deal with how cute she is. I called her “Naps” - D.F.

Ha. That’s too personal for something like this - M.S.

What makes a great life?      

Loving yourself, and loving someone who loves you. - I.P.

A loving family, an affinity with nature, a life without greed or jealousy, giving more than you receive - M.C.

I feel like me answering that question is like the drunk guy in the pub giving you financial advice. I don’t think I have any wisdom for anyone else. For me, I have been a lot happier since focusing on striking a better work life balance. I work hard but try and make extra time to catch up with my friends rather than going for months and months without seeing them - B.C.

Appreciating what you have while working daily to make life better for everyone around you - D.F.

As little stress as possible - M.S.

I wanted to just take the time to say a huge thank you to the guys and girls above for their time here.

They are all people worth listening to and I'd strongly recommend you include them within your fitness world. 

They are all exceptional at what they do and I hope you can see that none of them take themselves too seriously.

Well except Melissa, who we learnt just really enjoys checking out butts.

I didn't set out for this to have a message but I think I may have stumbled across one contained in the wisdom and wit above nonetheless. 

While reading their answers it occurred to me that fitness can and should be many, many things. It can be silly and it can be serious. Sometimes it should be inspirational and sometimes it should be fun. And that those things don't have to be mutually exclusive.

So, if I have one thing for you to take away from this for the year that is to come, it might be this;

If you can make health, fitness, six packs and squats both meaningful and fun, I can almost guarantee you'll succeed at the whole damn thing.

Paul x

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