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Our passion and specialisation is in drug free competition or photo shoot prep

When preparing for a physique show or a photo shoot you want to leave nothing "on the table". To know that you did absolutely everything you could to look your very best on the day. We know that doing any less just leaves you with regrets, and that no-one wants to reflect afterwards and wish they'd done things differently.

So that's our job, we're here to help you make the right decisions so there's no way on Earth you could have done any better. We make sure you know exactly what you need to be doing day in and day out. Every single day. From your very first training session to the fine details of your peek week.

Your training and nutrition is adapted and adjusted through the use of excel based spreadsheets that are tailored to you. We take into account your life history, training experience, personal preference, current body fat percentage, mental state and how long we have to get you in shape.

These help us to be objective with your progress, both physically and mentally. There comes a point during prep where your body is quite literally against you, and when it happens and all you want to do is eat the world, we don't want to be swayed by hunger and desire. Using data means we can adjust when we need to not when we feel like we should.

Each week we check in with the spreadsheets, photo updates, and personal feedback to make sure you are progressing at the pace you need to, to come in on time and on point. And if you're not ready yet, we'll make sure you know how long we really need to get you into the best shape of your life. We truly believe that it's better to take a little longer and really make sure everything is in the right place rather than rush such a big commitment and sell yourself short on the day.

Really coaching is about so much more than calories, macros and training plans. They form the foundation of what we need you to do and focus on. However managing expectations and ensuring you feel truly cared for and part of a team are all just as important to us. Your long term success is just as integral and to do this means really paying attention to you and your needs (see below for more details).

So whether this is your first time or your fifth time, we can help you bring your very best.

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Don't Trust Yourself

Here's a fact for everyone in prep; you're going to second guess yourself. A lot.

You're going to wonder when to add more gym work, when to drop calories and most importantly whether you're actually doing the right things to get lean in time. And you haven't even thought of whether you should have a refeed yet or how much cardio you should be doing.

Do you know how quickly you are trying to lose weight? Or how often to take progress pictures? Or why your scale weight fluctuates up and down day to day?

Here's a little freebie on Why Weight Fluctuatesclick here to get a PDF that's normally only available to clients.

For example, trying to drop weight too quickly means you are more likely to lose that precious muscle you've fought so hard to build.

So here's what we want you to do; aim at losing between 0.5-1% of your bodyweight per week, on average. 

Read this for a more detailed look at how quickly you should be losing weight. 

How much cardio should you be doing? 

Learn more about our thoughts in this two part cardio series. Part one found here and part two found here.

Training isn't about doing everything you can, it's about finding the amount of work that allows you to progress as fast as possible.

After all, you can only recover from a finite amount of work before you're over training, under recovering and actually going backwards.

The right amount for most of you is somewhere around 40-70 reps per body part, 2-3 x week. That's around 80-210 reps per body part per week. I know plenty of people hitting more than that top end in one session. Remember the aim is stimulation, not annihilation. 

Don't risk that much effort by having a poorly thought out plan, or worse, no plan at all. 

Smart Work Beats Dumb Work

Let's face facts, there's a lot of false beliefs and misinformation in the fitness world. And that can make getting really lean harder than it needs to be.

Whether that's the insistence on fasted cardio, despite the evidence showing no difference to body composition, or that no one should eat less than 1200 calories a day, there is a danger in believing in misinformation.

As a result of uneducated or unnecessarily difficult practice we see far too many people compete once, develop an eating disorder or a serious body image issue and simply never do it again.

In large part that is because their prep was so severe that there was no enjoyment of the process, no awareness of the long term effects of their choices, just an obscene amount of suffering and sacrifice.

This doesn't have to be like that. 

Now I'm not saying prep is all plain sailing, it's not. You will most certainly reach a point where you're hungry all the time, whether you're following a flexible or a rigid approach. You will reach a point where you get physically weaker. You will have difficult moments.

But they shouldn't be unbearable. You shouldn't be crying all the time. You shouldn't have to take drugs to do a bikini show.

We run our process to get you show or shoot ready through 3 lenses, and we must think of each when we make a decision.

  1. Lose as much fat as possible
  2. Gain/maintain as much muscle as possible
  3. Don't mess yourself up for the future

Too many people miss the last two thoughts. We believe that you should be looking at this with an awareness of the long haul. Don't be one of those people who get shredded once, and then let it all go and are never in great shape ever again. Or worse, gave themselves real issues for the sake of stepping on stage.

Let us guide you through a better system, there's too much at stake to do it poorly.

We Have A Team Who've Been There

We have an online community that supports each other and our goals no matter where you are in the world. That's one of the really great benefits of the online world. Support, that isn't reliant on the people physically around you.

Choosing to do a photo-shoot or a fitness show is quite an extreme choice, certainly compared to almost anything your friends and family will have done.

Hell for most of you, it's pretty common that most of your friends and family don't even work out, let alone harbour aspirations of slapping on some tan, rubbing in some oil and proceeding to squeeze every muscle in your body in front of a group of strangers or a cameraman! Whichever way we dress it up, it's a little different and as a result can feel quite isolating.

While we can't change your in person situation, the internet has given us another solution.

You can now connect and share experiences with people who don't think you're genuinely crazy for wanting to do this.

So without further ado, let me say Hi, Welcome, Howdy.

We'd like to introduce you to some new friends. 

When you join Body By Control you join our exclusive Online Community of people who have been, or are, In Your Position. One of the best things about an online community is you can interact daily with a group of like minded people with a common goal, sharing those little nuances about prep that no-one else you know will be able to relate to.

We use Facebook everyday to talk, share jokes, shoot the breeze and make sure we encourage each other. We help pick you up when you’re having a tough time and provide support & motivation when you need it the most.

All we ask is that you do the same for the others. In the words of d'Artagnan: 

All For One, And One For All

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