Does This Describe You?

Rather annoyingly you've become one of the classic Yo-Yo dieters - lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, gain weight etc etc. Every time you start a diet, with the best of intentions, you get to a point where you end up thinking "Sod it, pass me the pizza, wine and possibly all of the doughnuts in existence." In other words, up until now, you've almost always been on a diet but you've never managed to make it stick and somehow despite all the effort, you're really not where you want to be.

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You Don't Know What To Do Or Where To Start

Let's face facts, the fitness world spews out a rather large amount of contradictory information. How many times have you heard that wine is great for you (it's always great but that's not the point), only for you to hear the very next day that it's going to kill you.

Whether the media has decided that it's sugar, fat, alcohol or even Hitler reincarnated as a cheesecake, it's hard to know what is and isn't good for you. And even more importantly what you should and shouldn't be doing.

And that's a problem , none of us want to focus our efforts on the wrong thing. Putting all that work in only to find out that it was never going to work.

Let's say that you want to make it to the top of a building, it helps if you make sure the ladder you're climbing is actually against the right wall before you get half way up it. For the same reasons, if you hold a bunch of false beliefs about weight loss, they can actually hold you back from succeeding.

What if I told you that you don't have to cut out bread, chocolate, wine, carbs, pizza, cereal or frankly any food on Earth just to lose weight?

Or that you don't have to do endless amounts of cardio to look good at the beach, or even to drop a dress size?

Or that your gym training doesn't have to resemble something akin to a Biggest Loser nazi boot camp in order for you to change your body! 

You don't need to eat organic food grown in the mountains of Tibet and harvested by monks riding unicorns. No matter what Gwyneth Paltrow tells you.

So in this world of misinformation and Donald Trump, the correct plan is the biggest thing we can help you with, and I guarantee we're better at it than anyone you know. 

No one plan is right for everyone, so we have to work with you to make sure that you get the right plan for where you're at right now, with your current knowledge, ability and set up.

Whether you've got access to a gym or have never lifted a weight in your life, we will work with you to really make sure you're confident and excited about transforming your body as fast as we can!

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You Don't Have Support From Friends & Family

The other thing we hear is that most people simply don't have a TEAM. This is huge. If you are a product of the 5 people you spend the most amount of time then for most of you, that spells trouble!

Your friends enjoy a few too many drinks, takeaways and no-one really does any physical activity. You have a great time together but you're slowly feeling worse and worse about yourself and this isn't who you want to be.

But how are you supposed to solve that? After all, your spouse is your spouse, your kids are your kids and your friends are, well they're a bunch of slightly odd people if you're honest, but you love them nonetheless. So it's not like you can get rid of them. And you honestly don't have to. 

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Well let me say Hi, Welcome, Howdy and No Problem. We can help. We'd like to introduce you to some new friends. 

When you join Body By Control you join our exclusive Online Community of people who have been, or are, In Your Position. One of the best things about an online community is you can interact daily with a group of like minded people with a common goal no matter where you are in the world.

We use Facebook everyday to talk, share jokes, shoot the breeze and make sure we encourage each other. We help pick you up when you’re having a tough time and provide support & motivation when you need it the most. All we ask is that you do the same for the others. In the words of d'Artagnan: 

All For One, And One For All
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You Struggle With Motivation & Confidence

It's easy when it's easy right? You start the plan you've got and you smash that first week, maybe even two, the weight drops on the scale quickly and your motivation is reinforced and so you push on. And then we get to the third week, and the scale hasn't dropped as quickly. What gives? Find out the answer to that here in your free PDF of Why Weight Fluctuates.

But because it didn't drop, in the way you expected, the doubts creep in, then there's that party you've got coming up, or it's a Saturday and you've been good all week so you go off plan for a night.

And then you find yourself halfway through some kind of food frenzy, never has anything tasted so good! 

Here comes the guilt, the doubling down on the effort by further restriction. Now you're going to live off broccoli and air for the week! Except this makes that binge even more likely because no-one is sticking to that plan. And soon, after a few of these we have "failed" at the terrible diet idea we had in the first place. All motivation has gone and we're left with those awful feelings of shame, guilt and that we just don't have enough willpower to stick to things.

But what if that's not completely true?

Interestingly I've put confidence next to motivation and that's because it actually plays a role in your internal motivation system.

The expectation this person above had was never realistic and was always setting them up to fail. It had nothing to do with needing to be more motivated per se. 

For our own motivation to flourish we need to be confident in what we're doing, and that only comes from seeing success and hitting our targets over time. It will up and down but it will get there.

So let us guide you through the right choices to help you hit win after win. That doesn't mean that we'll get there tomorrow or without any setbacks, but you will learn to view setbacks as temporary and as opportunities to improve not as final and fatal indicators that you cannot succeed.

So let's help you really make a change to your life that you will be thankful for forever.

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