Fran Short-Ring


I have always enjoyed going to the gym, using it as a chance to switch off after work. Before I joined Body By Control I used to do a lot of classes (Body Pump, Grit, Body Attack, Spin etc.). I really enjoyed these workouts (and still do) but I didn’t notice any change in my physique, body shape or weight.

So in preparation for our wedding, my (now) husband suggested that we try something new. He was really keen on heading over to the ‘serious section’ of the gym and so we turned to Paul to help guide us through. I'll be honest I was dubious at first, sometimes only attending half of our PT session so I could run off to my beloved classes! However, it didn’t take long for me to be fully convinced simply by the results of the programme Paul designed for us.

There are three things that I’ve found incredibly useful and motivating about doing this.

  • Firstly, the technique advice and guidance. For me, ‘doing heavy weights’ was daunting. I can still be heard to cry "There is no way I can squat / lift that – it’s more than I weigh" on a semi regular basis. But Paul helped guide me through the movements in such a way that I'm now really confident in my technique, knowing that I can lift heavy things safely and effectively.
  • Secondly, I have really valued the emotional support that Paul has provided. When getting married there is so much pressure to look your best, which can make what the scales say quite daunting. What is great about the support provided is that it’s all based on Paul's in-depth knowledge of biology and physiology. Whereas my husband will just say ‘don’t worry, it’s probably just water weight’, Paul will calm any worries with the actual science behind what my body is doing.
  • Finally, and most importantly, I have noticed a huge change in how my body looks. When going for my dress fittings the designers were shocked at how much my body changed over a six week period. They thought that I had been indulging in some crazy fad diet. However, I was just following our excellent weights programme (NB the designer also asked for the details of my training programme).

When it came to my wedding day I felt toned, confident and truly at my best. And this just wouldn't have been possible without the guidance and support offered.

Since the wedding we have continued with Body By Control. I must confess that in the run up to the wedding I did my training but was not so great on following the diet advice. Feeling stronger and healthier I am now determined to make some changes in my diet to ‘reveal what I’ve got’ (to quote Paul).

I would thoroughly recommend Body By Control to anyone. As a testament to this my Mum is getting a subscription for her birthday! I have really enjoyed the varied programmes, grown in confidence and seen real changes in my body. In a nutshell Body by Control does exactly what is says on the tin (and then some).

A Coach's View

Fran & John were and still are great to coach. They're a vibrant happy couple who know what they want, what they are (and are not) willing to do and are honest about it. I quickly learnt that the odds of John giving up beer were about as high as Stephen Hawking breaking the 100m world record! And that is absolutely fine, we just work on coming up with different solutions and really you can only do that if you're able to work openly and nonjudgmentally.

I enjoyed Fran's skepticism going into this and then, rather smugly getting to see the happy surprise that came from a different approach to training. It's safe to say she looked amazing on her wedding day and it's always great to get to play a small part in that. Oh, and John didn't look too bad either. Though I have to say the pictures I have been sent of his modelling career that I have had to leave off here would make a Nun blush 😂

Many happy returns, and here's to many more trips to Dubai (of course) and the great confidence that comes with kicking ass in the gym and really appreciating your body rather than feeling ashamed of it.