Paul Standell Transformation

Fitness Photo Shoot - March 2014


A Journey To Photo Shoot Condition

Progress Photos Taken Are One Month Apart

Some of these are embarrassing to me. The first one is post Christmas; feeling flat, cold and tired. I'm hardly proud of that look or of the ones you will see below but it is where I was and I won't lie to you and say we walk around in photo shoot condition year round. 

Oh. It said transformation so below, here's me before at 17 stone of the less than stellar variety; fuelled predominantly by Beer & McDonald's.  I've tried to erase this from my life but sadly, a friend turned up some proof. We're no longer friends! And then there's me a few months later having discovered salad, weetabix, running and 2 hour gym workouts - in other words I was sporting the muscle of an anaemic broom...something wasn't quite right, this wasn't the Fitness Model look I had in mind. 


Unnecessary restriction is unhelpful, sometimes dangerous and almost always miserable

I have, and likely always will have a pretty voracious appetite. I like food but I also like being lean. If there is a lesson in my own change and the change I try to instil in others, it is that food should be enjoyed in a balanced manner. I got into photo shoot condition still eating the odd Krispy Kreme and an occasional tub of Ben & Jerry's. This isn't to say that they formed the majority of my diet. That was, as you'd imagine, a reasonable amount of lean meat and lots of fruits & vegetables.

Lean bodies are built on calorie control, sufficient nutrients, hard progressive training and enjoying the process.

Learn how to get the body you always wanted without only eating chicken, rice and broccoli 8 times a day