Hi, I'm Paul. that's me over there.

I have been a Personal Trainer for over 6 years and have delivered over 10,000 one to one hours in that time. 

I strongly believe in trying to utilise the most up to date, evidenced practices to help deliver you the most efficient and sustainable way of looking great naked. Let's face it, that's why you're here!

I am not someone who was born lucky with the whole fitness thing, my family aren't athletes, I didn't grow up eating veggies harvested from the hills of Tibet, I wasn't the captain of my sports team. 

But I damn sure wanted to stop feeling unattractive...



I have been overweight and liked to drink way too much.

I have been far too skinny and struggled to fill a T-Shirt.

I've had really bad acne and I've struggled with depression.

And yet here I am.

I promise you this, whatever your circumstances, I am not here to judge you.

There is a reason I say whatever your starting point in the mission statement of Body By Control. I passionately believe that you can be whoever and whatever the hell you want, sometimes you just need someone to guide you and show you the way.


Welcome and I hope you like what we do here