Matthew Kimber

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Could You Tell Us A Little About Yourself And Your History?

I'm Matt and it's fair to say I have quite an addictive personality; this can be both a flaw or an attribute. While each person and circumstance is different; in my situation it's molded me into a determined and relentless character.

Of course, I see this as the attribute. The flaw is impatience. Impatience inevitably led me to make errors and more than a few attempts at reaching beyond my capabilities.

I’ve always had a passion for anything sport related, which is probably why I work in the health and fitness industry.

In terms of training history...well training is a broad term that can be interpreted very differently so I could give quite a few answers here but with relevance to the gym I have been training for approximately 4 years. 

When And Why Did You Choose To Do A Photoshoot?

Now those 4 years could be 6 years, but educated training is something that only evolves with the right support and resolve. I have fluctuated massively with my weight over years. I've been all the way from the ‘rake’ to the ‘chubby one’. At one point I was just short of 15 stone at the grand height of 5ft 9, sadly there were genuine comparisons with the Michelin man. I believe everyone has a turning point or a catalyst for change, it’s then a case of having the right tools to help turn things around.

For me, all I needed...was isolation and some kind of borderline obsession (ok so it wasn’t borderline).

And I lost 60 pounds in 10 weeks. <<< That’s not cool! 

Ever since then, I have been on a steadier path of improving my physique, but you know, one that isn't quite as insane.

As with us all a combination of work commitments, temptations and a host of other factors keep us from being in complete control and really getting anywhere.

And so at the turn of the 2016, I felt like I needed a new focus, a mission that could once again push myself. But this time resulting in a tangible achievement .  

At the risk of sounding corny, I wanted to be able to look back and say...I achieved that! That’s one thing of the bucket I can get fat again!

How Would You Describe Your Prep With Body By Control?

In order to conquer such a goal, structure and education is paramount. If you don't have these fundamentals addressed in your training, you’re ultimately doomed. it's like putting a ladder against a wall, climbing it and only noticing at the top that you put it against the wrong building!

With Paul, I knew I was in the best hands so I didn't have to worry about that, I knew what I had to eat and what needed to be done in the gym. I just had to make sure I did the work. So I got it done and then boom...Welcome to Ab City!

Progressive overload, progressive overload, progressive overload. Let's just say that Paul rammed this into my skull.

It’s truly the "secret" to growing and yet so many people just don’t seem to be exposed to or familiar with it. It's really what is truly beneficial for their progress.

Train smart, that’s precisely what I did and I believe it enabled me to maximise my potential.

What Advice Have You Got For Anyone In Prep?

MyFitnessPal is a necessity. To track your macros, don’t track it by any other means MFP is the MVP of tracking.

A prep or photoshoot will likely end up with you almost constantly daydreaming about food. So be prepared, prep your food in advance and expand your food repertoire.

Refrain from drinking alcohol, social isolation is inevitable and life as you know it will be agony...This is sarcasm, but be prepared to make some sacrifices and you'll absolutely reap the benefits.

What Did A Typical Week Look Like?

Fighting bad guys and bringing about world peace. Aside from that, food prep a couple of times a week and I'd buy some food on the go if I fancied something convenient yet macrolicous (this is a word now).

Training 5 times a week, nothing out of the ordinary, just focus and embrace the journey.  

How Important Do You Think It Is To Have A Team Around You?

This cannot be underestimated, immerse yourself and speak with other gym goers. Just preferably not the ‘guy’ in the gym that tells you that drop sets and carb cutting is the way forward. Use Paul and the guys & girls in Team Body By Control to your advantage and certainly do not be afraid to ask questions.

Whoever you live with, make them aware of your objective. They can easily make it much harder for you if they constantly try to tempt you off course. Don’t let them by making sure they understand what you are doing and why it is important to you.

What Do You Think You Did Well And What Would You Look To Improve Next Time?

Nothing can be improved; even Arnie is jealous!

In all seriousness, one thing I would be more consistent with is food prep, those external temptations are too alluring!

But generally next time out I will do the exact same, follow the designated structure of the plan from Body By Control.

A Coaches View

Matt was a pleasure to coach throughout his prep; even if I did have to keep telling him we absolutely did not need more Chest & Bicep work!

He has a history of always trying to do more and more in the gym. However admirable, I don't think he'd ever come at it from a slightly different point of view, that of doing the most you can recover from, not just more for the sake of more. We wanted to chase improvements in the gym as quickly as possible (after all that is what will drive the muscular growth and change we are after) and anything that slows that rate of progress is detrimental to our success. Matt quickly accepted this and his results speak for themselves.

This took just over 14 weeks, in which time Matt religiously tracked his food intake and logged his training sessions, in other words he followed things to a tee. He still ate sweets (Haribo is his weapon of choice) as he went along, though he quickly realised that sometimes making more sensible food choices allowed him to eat more food for his calories and as prep goes on, that becomes more and more important.

All in all, I don't think anyone could have done any better than Matty did here with this prep. The results speak for themselves.

So all that is left to say is awesome job man. Now go enjoy a little bit of downtime, try to remember that none of us live in prep mode year round.