Online Fitness Coaching


How Does It Work?

I control and monitor your Diet and Training, just like an in-person PT, no matter where you are in the World. This is done through the use of Excel Spreadsheets that track and monitor everything I need to know to ensure you get the result you want. We communicate daily and weekly through the use of email, Facebook, Skype and Messaging apps.

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Training Program Design

You will know exactly what exercises to perform, for how many sets and reps, how long to rest, and where applicable, how much weight to lift.

The spreadsheet tracks how much weight you lift on each set, each session and each week.

I can then determine how well you're doing and what to adjust to ensure you get the result we're after.

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Dietary NEeds and Set up

Your precise calorie and macronutrient needs are determined based on your age, height, weight, gender, activity level, body fat percentage and goal.

We work together to ensure you know exactly how to hit these targets each day.

This can be done through the use of example meal plans, recipes and conversations about what you do and don't like to eat.

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Tracking Progress

Once we have a plan set in place, we must make sure that it's working for you.

You will have set expected targets to hit along the way. If you're hitting them as expected, we keep going. If you're not then assuming good adherence, we can adjust your training and/or diet to make sure you keep progressing.

Why Do It?


Before I tell you what I think online coaching can help you with

Why not have my clients tell you why they do it and what they like about it

After all, I don't want you to just take my word for it


I love online training because you have the flexibility of being able to do the workouts when they suit you and not when your trainer has a free slot.

But you still have the benefit of the accountability and guidance.

And somebody to help you see where you are going wrong and encourage you on the parts you are doing right.
— Christine C.
I love how the workouts are done and that I choose when I do them and at a level I’m able for.

Going to the gym knowing I’ve a proper workout plan makes me feel confident that I know what I’m doing. 

I found that having someone being able to answer my questions and advise me when I’m feeling low a huge benefit because I haven’t found that I’ve given up on myself. 

And I feel that you have your clients well being and interests at heart and want them to succeed.
— Marie D.
I feel like having someone to hold myself accountable to is motivating me a lot which is great!
— Amelia M.
I like having a certain amount of answerability (if that’s a word), while being able to go to the gym and get on with it myself.

I couldn’t be dealing with someone standing beside me as I do my workouts.

I like the weekly check-ins as they stop me getting too obsessed with the scales and measurements.
— Shells N.
Accountability and support is definitely key.  I’m not afraid to ask the group a silly question whereas if it was a PT I would be worried about bothering them.
— Sinead W.
Having had face to face PT’s. I prefer online as the focus is on learning and developing a new lifestyle rather than hammering a gym session and following a quick food plan.
— John S.
Its surprisingly flexible. I have taken ages to get into the swing of it and never once been made to feel negative because of that. You have continued to guide and nurture opinions and thoughts and helped me to learn.

Having had face to face PT’s. I prefer online as the focus is on learning and developing a new lifestyle rather than hammering a gym session and following a quick food plan.
— Jennifer A.
Get a great support system with online coaching, questions answered in no time at all, support of the other members of the group through thick and thin.

You feel like you can ask Qs easily on the FB group here, whereas if it was a PT one-on-one, you wouldn’t be texting them every Q you have.
— Michelle M.
I think it’s a cost effective way to get a proper gym programme that can be done at a time that suits me in a place that suits me.

I do it because I can get guidance on what I need to be hitting to achieve my goal of weight loss and a kick up the arse when needed at any time of the day.
— Sarah S.
Definitely the support from yourself and the group. The fact you can ask any question and it will be answered - even if it’s not exercise/food related.

Check in’s and accountability keep the will to eat total crap under control as I’m not just cheating myself, I’d have to own up.
— Joanne C.
What it says on the tin!

A coach that is accessible nearly all of the time. I do it so that I can complete workouts in my own time and not have to stick to the same schedule.
— Christina H.
Paul is the best when it comes to helping people feel good about themselves and his knowledge about how to lose weight sensibly is beyond compare.

I’m sure you’ll find the weight will start dropping off and you will enjoy the training programs given to you.
— Julie R.
You won’t believe it when the weight starts dropping and you’re still eating everything (in moderation) that you enjoy each day.

That bar of chocolate with your evening cuppa is very possible.

Paul’s extremely helpful and is always there for all your queries.
— Katie K.



Who, What & Why?

Well, make no mistake. This is not an easy, nor a quick fix. You will not get anywhere simply by giving me your money. You cannot buy fitness.

But you can buy guidance. You can buy intelligently designed coaching that will save you time, effort and  money in the long run.

If you're a motivated person who is serious about genuinely changing their physique, and isn't afraid of doing the work; you're in the right place.

If you've tried every workout and diet under the Sun (a.k.a Men's Health & Women's Fitness) without ever getting truly lean or happy; you're in the right place.

If you're ready for truly professional guidance; you're in the right place.

You need to be willing to track your food intake, record your workouts in the spreadsheets provided, weigh yourself daily, pay attention to the amount of steps you hit, take pictures of your progress and check in with me at least once per week.

If you can do or are willing to do all of the above, you qualify as a good online candidate.

Why Do It?

Because you want a result.

Just like these guys and girls.

Results are the most important part of this whole thing.

If you want to work with me and have me guide you to ensure you have every possible chance of success but either can't see me in person because of location or expense, then Online Coaching is a great option for you.

I have clients from San Diego to Perth and everywhere in between.

Location is not an issue with Online Coaching.

Online Coaching starts at 1/4 the price per month of my In Person rates and works out at less than the price of a coffee per day or a night out each month.