Nick Chimmunchlam

Could You Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself?

I was born in South africa and moved to the UK in 1998, I have always been quite sporty focusing on Cricket, Golf and Rugby (very traditional sports) however that all stopped when I was in year 10 and I started to go off of the rails mixing with the wrong crowds etc, I let myself go and in turn my body reflected this. however I gotback into fitness in 2014 but this was a bootcamp and only cardio and HIIT training. I then decided to join the Royal Air Force as a Regiment Gunner but after suffering from Anterior Knee pain this stopped me in my tracks with that career path, but I never let any injury deter me and that is when I started focusing on weights and gym and found a new passion! lifting weights and looking the best I can

When And Why Did You Decide To Compete?

I decided to go ahead with a competition because it really gives me something to test myself mentally physically and emotionally, it gives me the satisfaction of pushing my body to its max and seeing the results - plus there is no better feeling that sharing your experience with other people and getting the rush of stepping on stage with bright lights and crowds cheering!

How Would You Describe Your Experience Of Prepping With Body By Control?

This experience has been the best and I can truly hand on heart say I would not of achieved the physique and mental attitude I have right now with out Paul's help, he has changed my overall mindset and the knowledge he has openly shared with me is invaluable, I used to be that naïve gym goer who wouldn’t eat carbs and would over cardio to get abs, but he has fully changed my views on food and training. plus he has officially got me in the best shape of my life and has been there for me 24/7 so he is a friend as well as my coach. i look forward to the many future comps with him by my side.

How Does this Compare With Previous Preps You've Done?

I have only ever prepped once before and that was in 2016, but it was rushed and I was ill pretty much every week, I was restricted with what i could eat and i was forced to do many hours of cardio and training, but this prep has been the easiest (obviously compared to the last one as no prep is ever easy) and it was based on IIFYM - not only has my mood been better in general but everyone around me noticed considerable changes in me incluing myself. i am more body confident and proud of my own body

Do You Have Any Advice For Anyone Thinking About Prepping?

Work with Paul!! simple. he will explain the in's and out's of what to expect, what to do, why you are doing it, and he will support you 24/7 - but in general with prep you have to be accountable, be accountable for yourself, for your training, for your diet and your mood, many people say prep makes you angry but in reality it is yourslef that makes you angry you control your moods and you control your environment so if you want a nice prep then make sure you have a nice enviornment and enjoy the process and trust in your coach because trust me he knows best and he knows when you lie!

Could You Describe A Typical Week During Prep?

A typical week for me I am a guy of simplicity and a 'samesy' person so I tried to install habits and routine.

  • 5am - wake up and commute to work (drink lots of coffee)
  • 12.30pm - lunch - i never eat in the mornings as I am not ever hungry at 5am and when I get to work I am busy and eating at my desk is not allowed
  • 6.45pm - get to the gym and train
  • 9pm - get home eat dinner
  • 11pm - get to bed

I followed this routine very strictly but I also did have days where i would have to alter macros around as i over eat at work - working in London is tough!

How Important Is Having A Supportive Team Around You?

Very important! and like I said i know fora fact I could not of done this without Paul, he has been there 24/7 for me, I live alone and my family live in Cyprus so I can't see them after work or weekends but they are always in contact with me showing me support and encouraging me, any negative people pop up and they do trust me! You will be asked why you are doing this etc etc well just tell them to do one and kick them out of your life because that negativity will only deter you and your goals - you do not need any other people dictating your own goals

What Do You Think You Did Well And What Could You Look To Improve Next Time?

I followed what Paul said day in and day out, I told myself each day why I am doing this and I tracked my food every single day - had a great streak on My Fitness Pal ;) BUT and a big BUT there were plenty of days where I went over with my foods and Macros and well I am only human and humans always get tempted - next time around I will tell myself not to cave into temptation and not to fail - I will print out a massive picture of me on stage from this year and each and every day I will look at it and tell myself what that person did wrong and what am I going to do to not do it again! Lessons are learnt everyday we need to remember that.

A Coach's View

Nick is just an all round good dude. He's really easy to coach because he's constantly in contact and always keeps me up to speed with how he's finding everything I ask of him. And every now then includes some things I didn't ask of him, mainly GIFs and the one time he bought a kitten on a whim because he was hungry. 

Part of me feels I should leave the analysis there as I'm not going to top that fact but I'll keep going nonetheless.

Nick came having competed before but had prepped in an overly strict and unnecessarily hard manner. Sure, whichever way we dress Prep up, it's going to be hard, but you don't get bonus points for suffering more than others or more than you had to when you're standing on that stage. The only thing that matters is how you look. It's understandable and not that uncommon for people  in Prep to push harder than they need to but this often leads to counterproductive outcomes; binging as well as excessive loss of strength and muscle tissue. We opted for a smarter approach.

We set out with plenty of time to get him ready, nearly 6 months, which actually resulted in him getting stronger for the first few months of Prep. A well thought out plan shouldn't break you, it should build you. This is called bodybuilding after all. So out were the sessions where you obliterate a body part until it barely functions the next day, and in came writing out and recording each session. In came 40-70 reps per body part, 2-3 times per week. In came a focus on getting progressively stronger week on week.

For the diet, in came a flexible approach that allowed Nick to enjoy plenty of great food provided it fit within a framework of calorie and macronutrient targets. As he progressed and got leaner, he found more of a need for routine within that framework.

The more the hunger gets to you, the less thinking you generally want to do and the more a routine helps. But at the same time too much routine makes Jack a dull boy and eventually makes Jack eat a chocolate fountain the size of the Eiffel Tower. Finding that particular balance of variety and routine is an important part of everyone's success and one that may actually change during the diet itself.

So after 5 months of solid work we got to show time. He was a good 5kg lighter than last time he competed while carrying more muscle and doing so in a healthier manner. All in all, that's a great outcome. We now get to go through the process of a nice long off season to add more mass. But with his attitude and approach, that's just a question of time. Here's to next season my man.

Oh and he also competes in tested federations too which means he may get to pee in cups just to check that we do this without any assistance.